There is so much that we consume on a daily basis. We are constantly in consumption mode unless we are creating. I realized that my time and the things I was consuming on a constant basis were not things that actually feeding or inspiring me in the way I wanted. On my social media accounts, I was seeing and reading things that either made me sad, angry, jealous, resentful, or sent me into comparison. In my emails, I realized I was getting a bunch of junk, and it was taking time away from other things I wanted to be doing so that I could delete it.

Before Finn was born, I was in hyper nesting mode, and took the practice of creating my physical space into the cyber world and began to create that space for myself as well. I don’t currently have the intention to give up social media, because I actually think it can be useful and connecting if used in the right context, I did want to shift what I was looking at to support me in being in choice in my life, and not in reaction.

So over a few weeks, I took the time to start to unsubscribe from emails, posts, and accounts that either took to much time to deal with, or caused me to feel icky in some way. I also then took the time to follow accounts (really only on instagram) that supported something that I’m up to in my life: motherhood, cooking, inspiration, yoga, etc.

Its amazing how much more pleasant social media has become! And that because I’m clear on what I want to cultivate in my mental space, I can begin to do that in the things that I intake as well.

Have you done a social media cleanse before? Would you consider doing one? How would your best self be supported if you did one?