11 Essentials for the New Mom

I’ve been working on compiling things that have been essential in either or both periods after having my boys, and I wanted to share them to support you in any way that you might need.

  1. A salt lamp I keep one on my bedside table and the soft pink light is perfect for middle of the night feedings-I can still see my baby without the harshness of a regular light. The salt of the lamp is also supposed to be purifying for the air and release negative ions to balance out your space.
  2. Bamboobies nursing pads It’s amazing what the female body is capable of doing-including feeding a human being. One thing I didn’t know when I was pregnant with Lincoln was what exactly would happen while I was nursing and sometimes when I wasn’t-you leak milk! So to avoid an interesting conversation starter of your shirt suddenly becoming wet, I recommend these nursing pads which are reusable (just wash and dry). Better for the environment than the ones that you throw away! I am using the ones I bought 3.5 years ago-they are really good quality.
  3. Nursing Tank These are essential especially in the first several months when nursing is frequent! This is my go to for a pj top (with a pair of bamboobies, because who wants to wake up in the middle of the night soaked? Not me). Also great if you need a layering piece under something else while you’re out and about.
  4. A good nursing bra Read the article linked so you can figure out what is best for you. Note that it isn’t recommended that you wear one with an underwire (underwire bras actually aren’t great for women in general…), and that you will need to size up probably. The ones that I have had the best luck with are from Motherhood Maternity, which frequently has sales, and they also carry sports nursing bras, which is important as most of my bras fall into that category. I thought I could get away with not buying many and just using regular sports bras, and I found that it was much more comfortable and easier when I needed to nurse to have an actual nursing bra.
  5. Yoga Pants You can get these everywhere now days, and I linked the ones that are on repeat in my wardrobe. What I love about these pants is the high waist, the softness, and the stretchiness. I have other high waisted yoga pants, and these are the most comfortable, and I would like to campaign for every mother to get a pair as soon as she has her baby.
  6. Burp cloths I love this company a lot. We have quite a bit of their stuff (and even had an additional blanket at one point before one of our dogs got a hold of it and ate part of it). These burp cloths double as bibs once baby starts teething and is drooling everywhere. The quality is fantastic and we are using all of the ones we got for Lincoln again with Finn. We also love their swaddles, crib sheets, changing pad covers, body wash, and blankets. Stock up!
  7. Mothers Love This is a fantastic product for your nipples! (so much about breasts on this particular blog post and really, you’re using them quite a lot during the first few months). If your baby has a bad latch (get some support from a lactation consultant), and use this to help with any cracking or soreness. It’s safe to use and safe for the baby to ingest. Also doubles as diaper rash cream.
  8. Clothes for baby. Tea Collection is one of my favorite brands. It definitely isn’t cheap  due to sustainable practices (wait for sales!), and their clothes last a long time.
  9. A good water bottle We love hydroflask at our house-their insulated carafes keep beverages cold or hot 12-24 hours. With the amount of water you will need to stay hydrated-I recommend getting a container that will hold more than a glass of water so you don’t have to refill as frequently.
  10. Body Oil You (like I did) may experience some dry skin while your hormones balance out. I’m used to having really soft, moist skin, so the dryness threw me off. This is still my favorite go to body oil. Coconut oil works well too, and it traps heat, which may not work depending on time of year.
  11. Bathroom support Everybody poops. (remember that fun book?) And apparently we don’t do it as efficiently in the west. According to the pelvic floor research I’ve done, being in a squat position while you go supports your overall pelvic health. Plus it makes it easier. After birthing a baby, you can deal with all kinds of issues when going to the bathroom: hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. This will help things stay moving. If you don’t want to invest in the device, try a couple of yoga blocks, or stick your bathroom trashcan underneath your feet.


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