A german word that means the time between or interval. This is where I am currently suspended. Just a few days past my due date with baby #2. My practices have become to breathe, and to stop an look around me for what is good, what is now, and what will never be again. This baby will only be in my body a short time longer, my body won’t be pregnant again (for awhile at least), my movements and activities can be done a with more ease while baby is cocooned safely in my body, and my attention can be put on Lincoln, Brandon, and anything else I want it to be on.

There are so few intervals that we experience in life-and when we do, they are often met with anxiety, or impatience (and yes, too, excitement). Again, it’s the practice of being present with what is right now, not what will be, that will allow for more ease. Lack of ease creates tension, and with tension there is lack of movement. Lack of movement creates stagnation and possibly more tension. And when we’re talking about birthing a baby, a lot of tension and holding is the last thing I’m going for.

Allowing for change, and surrendering is a powerful (and seemingly challenging) place to be.