How are you feeling?

This is the question I get asked most often it seems during pregnancy. This question stumps me, and I usually just respond with fine, good, happy, etc. Its similar to the question one gets asked when not pregnant: how are you doing? It’s such a loaded question, and seems to have become a type of greeting, rather than an interest in the one in question’s life. Do people really want to know the answer? Are they referring to my mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual state? How much time does this person have to hear what I have to say and do they want to know?

So here are the things that I feel now, and at any given point (this is not an extensive list) and just to give you an idea:

  1. Hungry. Seriously, it doesn’t happen to all pregnant women, and this baby may end up being a linebacker.
  2. Nauseated. This has mostly passed for me, and occasionally it pops back up.
  3. Tired. Also, different that being pregnant the first time, when I could come home and rest/nap leisurely if I needed to. Not so much anymore.
  4. Happy and excited. I get to have another baby!
  5. Nervous. This baby has to come out at some point. I’m beginning to remember what that was like…
  6. Mindful of the future. What will it be like to have 2? Will I be able to love the second one as much as the first?
  7. Sad. We are getting ready to close a chapter in our lives and begin a new one. The ending of something so sweet and wonderful makes me sad.
  8. Nervous. Am I going to mess something up? Am I eating enough protein?
  9. Content. Everything is happening exactly as it should. This feeling replaces all other feelings when I can feel my little guy moving around and turning somersaults, or doing a round of Journey Into Power.

Thank you to everyone who demonstrates such tremendous levels of love and support for me on a daily basis. Even simply asking me how I am, demonstrates that you care, even if I’m not sure how to answer.

What are other questions we could ask each other to demonstrate our care, love and concern for each others well being?

2 thoughts on “How are you feeling?

  1. Lisa says:

    I love this! Each pregnancy is so different and your feelings are so on point. Yes, you are adding a new member and that does have challenges; however, the rewards are so worth it. My girls are best friends and mortal enemies but at the end of the day, they are proof that it all works out. Your already ready. Sending love, hugs, and more importantly…just thanks for being able to share a part of this journey.❤️💜


  2. rdsv says:

    Hey! with you on this….Many don’t expect an answer and if you r ‘reputed’ to be a strong person, that question even wont be asked ‘taking you for granted’ that all is well 🙂

    Enjoy the moments, its a great time and you are gifted to experience it second time! All the very best, take care.


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