Let your children do the teaching-Sabbath Learnings

Sunday was another beautiful day spent wrapped in the cocoon of family time and rest.

I am amazed every week at the brilliance of this plan in our lives right now and the ability to be able to carry it through. It’s become a necessity in my life and the compounded impact that it will have on our family in the future is immense.

Spending time watching my son play and grow has been so restorative to me and I have been overwhelmed with the love that he has stored in his little body.

At one point on Sunday evening as I was getting his bath ready, he wrapped his arms around my leg and hugged me and I realized in that moment that there is an unconditional amount of love that he has for me. Toddlers are finicky, yes, and the way they love is pure. It isn’t clouded by reasons, or circumstances. How often do I love other people based only on circumstances? How often do I love people only when I get my way, or I’m happy, or the world is spinning at the right speed? How often is my love clouded with disappointment or only handed out sparingly, and how much do I reason about the love that I allow myself to give away?

This little being that has been entrusted to my care has so much to teach and show me about the things I think I already know. And if I’m humble enough, I’ll be able to learn the lessons that he has to teach me.

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