Taking Care of the Basics: Part 2

I have discovered the importance of food during this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Lincoln, I felt so sick, I barely wanted to eat, and had to force myself a lot of times to eat food.

This pregnancy is completely different and I’ve been hungry almost the entire time. While there is the old thought that you can just eat as much as you want or whatever you want while pregnant, it’s not actually a good idea to follow this. For one, while we are becoming more aware of how bad sugar is for our bodies, this is even more so in pregnancy, as the pregnant body digests sugars differently. This includes fruit. Too much fruit can cause an increase in amniotic fluids. Additionally since your body doesn’t necessarily differentiate  between different kinds of sugar (sugar is sugar is sugar), including fruit, too much can also grow a really big baby.

Anyway. This blog post isn’t about what you should eat while you’re pregnant. I will also be the first to confess that I haven’t been a good example of the above statement, and it’s usually due to lack of preparation when it comes to food. A lot of times, the easiest thing to grab and eat when I’m hungry (an experience that goes from 0 to 60 immediately)is some kind of carb. Protein and veggies are almost less handy, and the exact thing that sounds good is also almost less available. I would almost always rather eat a cupcake than a piece of chicken.

When I plan out our meals and I’m honest with myself about what I will actually eat for breakfast/lunches/snacks, and buy those things at the store, instead of buying what I think I should buy, I am way more successful when it comes to eating to feel good and keep my energy up. Eating is sometimes a stressful thing in my life, because I don’t plan for it and I wait till the last minute to get something together to eat. By that time, I’ve depleted my energy and caused unnecessary stress to my body. Given that I have plenty of money, time, and resources, eating shouldn’t be as stressful as I’ve let it become.

Creating and planning for meals is something that I’ve shifted my attention to again. This is one of those vital areas where as a parent, we should be spending time, and when allowed, money to nourish our bodies. It is after all an important task to do to continue with all the things we need and want to do. I have also found that when growing a baby and a toddler, I am more productive in my role as a mom (and wife, daughter, employee, citizen, human) when I’ve eaten, and eaten good nourishing food. I used to have the belief (up until like 3 months ago) that eating out was really luxurious, and so we did it often. The real luxury is to have a plan, and to eat good whole foods that we can cook ourselves. Not only does this give us what we need to nourish ourselves, it also gives us more connection in our family to prepare our food together and cuts down on the stressful conversations we would have nightly about what to have for dinner.

I’m not going to tell you what kind of diet to follow. I think different bodies require different things and at different stages in life. And food is supposed to make you feel good. If the food you eat doesn’t make you feel good, or leaves you feeling drained, or sick, consider something else. Take the time to prep your food. What could you cut out of your schedule in order to do that?


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