How to Speak to a Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is so interesting in and of itself. The other thing that is interesting is that people seem to feel that they are free to have unlimited commentary about you and your body. I wouldn’t ever think it appropriate to comment on another humans weight gain, say after a stressful few months, and yet people feel at liberty to do this with the people who are responsible for repopulating the planet. Here is a short tutorial on how not to speak to pregnant women and how to speak to pregnant women.

When speaking to a pregnant woman, refrain from saying things like:
1. Are you sure you aren’t having twins?
2. Wow. You sure are big. (RUDE.)
3. You have HOW much longer left?! (as if to suggest that since I am already so big, how could I possibly get bigger)
4. Anything that you wouldn’t say to somebody who isn’t pregnant. Remember that pregnant women are people too and have WAY more feelings than most people and all at the same time. It makes for an exciting 10 months.

What you could say instead:
1. You look amazing. (she probably won’t believe you and you should tell her often. Look at the difference it made with some apples here.)
2. Here I brought you this snack (only say this if you actually have a snack. My experience is that when I’m hungry, I turn primal and would eat you if you didn’t actually have a snack)
3. What are you most excited about becoming a parent for the first (second, third, forth) time?
4. How is ______ in your life going? Amazingly enough pregnancy is usually only one of a million things happening in a woman’s life during those 10 months (yes it’s actually 10 months). Sometimes it can feel like everyone forgets that and I’ve become a baby only making machine.
5. Is there anything I can do to make your life easier?( Who wouldn’t want to hear this? Also, like #2 only say it if you are going to actually follow through.)
6. Hand them a pile of cash. Just kidding. Sort of.



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