Aliveness lives in Choice-Sabbath Learnings

There is always a little bit of apprehension and nervousness on my part on Saturday evening as I get ready to turn off my devices and launch into the unknown of not being constantly entertained or able to check out from the reality of my life.

There is also the thought that crosses my mind more than once, what if we get bored or run out of things to play, or decide we really hate what we’re doing and miss out on something really cool because we didn’t watch TV or play on our phones.

We had no plans for yesterday except church and napping. It was a rainy day in Houston and so we knew we wouldn’t be able to go to the park and play. Is it possible to have no plans and still enjoy the day?

Then I remembered this new lifestyle was all a CHOICE. Not something that somebody was forcing on me, or something that was happening out of default or poor planning. This was the way I was designing my time. And through that I felt instant relief. Our day was lovely and perfect.

When I look back on my life and see all the moments where I’ve been uncomfortable, or antsy with my time, I realize it’s because I wasn’t in choice around what I was creating or doing. Being in choice and reminding myself (and you reminding yourself) that choice is there, and that if something isn’t working to choose to change it. Then aliveness will reappear.

Where do you need to make a new choice, or remind yourself that you have choice?

*featured pic of two amazing women I know Laura and Jessica 🙂

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