No Pictures-Sabbath #3 Discoveries

There were so many picture perfect moments yesterday: our cozy breakfast in our little nook by the window, the picnic we had in the park, Brandon and Lincoln playing soccer at the park, Linc’s and my yoga session last night.

And my phone was tucked safely away, turned off, and there were no pictures taken because it’s not about capturing memories for the whole world to see, it’s about creating memories and relationships for the people who are there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love instagram and social media and connecting with people, and in the past, it’s taken me away from actually connecting with the people right in front of me.

I know that my children will remember me for different things and one thing that I don’t want them to remember me for is always having my face in my phone.

This will be work for my and future generations as technology doesn’t seem to be going away or getting less interesting. Whether you have kids or not, or your kids are grown up, it takes a different level of skill to be fully present with other people.

Try it the next time you’re at a coffee or lunch with a friend. Keep your phone in your bag, or pocket, and get present to the number of times you reach for it to look at it. Even if you’re just checking time, do you really need to check the time often when you’re with a friend? When your friend gets up to order or use the bathroom, is your first instinct to pull out your phone to check your messages or instagram? I know mine is. Don’t forget the world will keep spinning without you looking at your phone.

One of my dear friends sometimes asks when he seems particularly sassy, “Why should I want to get present?” It’s a valid question and he knows the answer (because he’s also really smart), and it’s because your life is only happening right in front of you. Your life will not happen through instagram or snapchat or email. Where ever you are, there is your life. When we check out of life, time doesn’t stand still, it keeps going and you and I just miss it.

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