Teaching on Accident

As parents we are constantly teaching our children something. Sometimes it’s on purpose and deliberate, like teaching letters and numbers, and how to read. The rest of the time we teach through our actions, non-actions, the way we prioritize, and spend our time.

I think sometimes it’s easier to disown the fact that we are constantly teaching, than take responsibility for it.

For example, one thing that we could teach our children is self responsibility. We teach them how to pick up their toys, take baths, and brush their teeth. We teach those things deliberately. The way that we could accidentally negate our own teachings is through not taking responsibility for ourselves in our leadership as parents. If you child hears you in conversation blaming other people for things not going well, how will you reinforce the self responsibility lesson really?

How are we reinforcing or negating the teaching that children are unique and that the world is available to them to create and do anything they set their minds to doing, if the school system we put them into can only educate them in one way? Does that not negate everything that we say, and only prove what it is that we are in action about?

Actions and non-actions will always speak much greater volumes than most of the things that we say. Especially when those actions or non-actions are continued over time. When our actions and words don’t add up, we become less credible to them, and negate ourselves as leaders and teachers in their lives.

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