I’m sitting in the Sacramento Airport, ready to head back home after a really incredibly powerful weekend doing what I love most: connecting with people, sharing my love of yoga, and my passion for creating a different world for children.

One of the most important things that we can do as adults and human beings for ourselves and the state of the world is to fully own the responsibility we each have to full lead our lives. It is an incorrect belief that we carry with us from childhood that others are responsible for our lives and what happens to us. Freedom lies in fully owning that I have the ability to create, to be responsible for my actions, words, and thoughts. Suppression is in giving that all away to another entity, and possibly an entity that hasn’t asked for it.

There are plenty of things that happen in the world, government, community, and relationships that I have that I don’t like or agree with. And in being responsible for my actions and words (whether spoken out loud or not) give me access to being free. If I had to wait for everyone to get themselves together and behave according to what I say is right or best in order to do the things I want to do or create something worthwhile, I could be dead before anything happens.

You and I are both capable of shifting conversations, making requests, and owning up to where we haven’t fulfilled on commitments. When we do this, then the pathway becomes clear to actually LIVE.

*note: this picture was taken this morning at the Folsom Prison in Folsom California, made famous by Johnny Cash.

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