The antithesis of Luxury


Endlessly filling time and space with plans, tasks, a full calendar, and calling that luxury. Calling that worth. It isn’t. Where is the luxury in being called to fill time with menial tasks or relationships, at being at the beck and call of so many people?

I have found that through my life, I have given my identity in an incorrect belief that busyness was what gave me value and justified my time, my money, and my life. I could even justify a bad mood, poor eating habits, and even anger. My explanation of busyness took up time and therefore I had less time for things. My relationships became hurried, trying to fit as many things and people in a day, to prove my value or whatever it was that I was trying to prove. Then I can take pictures to post on Instagram to prove to the rest of the world who I am, what I’m capable of.

There is no longer luxury for me in living non-stop. There is nothing glamorous about saying yes to everything, because then it means nothing. My busyness and overextension leaves me with nothing left to give to anybody, and my quality of life diminishes, and what is the value in that?

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