You can’t pop bubbles if you’re playing on your phone (Sabbath #2 Learnings)

Yesterday was our second sabbath day. We spent the day together-just the three of us, without the distraction of TV’s or phones (Brandon did pull out his phone to look at boy names as we are expecting the arrival of our second!) It feels like living in a dream, in the sense that dreams are so privately your own, even when you recount the details to another person, they’re still yours.

There is something dreamy about spending the day with my boys without distraction and without agenda.

Yesterday we went to the park, and one of Lincoln’s favorite things to do it to chase bubbles and pop them, so we always take bubbles so he can get in a good run. Popping bubbles takes quite a bit of focus and concentration. It’s one of the ways that I like to teach toddlers how to have focus (or drishti) in their yoga class.

While we were playing with bubbles yesterday, I was struck with the realization of the limited span of focus we have as humans. I can’t pop bubbles with Lincoln if I’m playing on my phone. Simple, no?

How many times in my life I have tried to pretend that I can do so many things all at the same time, and all of them turn out great. If I play on my phone while trying to pop bubbles, I’ll really only be able to pop a few of them, maybe even by accident if the bubbles blow into my outstretched finger.

Time spent on one activity, whether full attention is there or not, is time not spent on another activity. 5 minutes spent on something that isn’t valuable is 5 minutes that I can’t spend on something that is.

What will your time be used for? What is most important to you, and what will you have to do away with to keep your commitment focused?

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