Self Care Myth

We have a pretty big responsibility to take care of ourselves once we are independently able to. It’s been an observation of mine (through social media and conversations) that we have been incorrectly using the phrase “self care” to justify maintaining bad habits until our bodies or energy levels give out and we are forced to do something differently.

Self care is not doing a juice cleanse after binging on food or alcohol for a week. Self care is not overworking, not getting sleep, and then ordering chicken soup in when a cold hits and I can’t manage to get out of the house. This is more like self restoration.

Self care is actually the long term actions that you take or don’t take that contribute to your life long health, longevity, and vitality. Self care is taking daily actions to take care of yourself, not getting your nails done (this would be more like pampering, also important and not the same).

Taking care of yourself has to be a balanced process if it’s going to be sustainable. Let yourself eat a donut or cookie if you want it, and know that there is a difference in eating one and eating the whole box. Take actions daily to create a sustainable self care regime, like you do with your teeth or your bathing habits (provided you’re doing both of things daily).

Check in and see, are you justifying bad habits through occasional acts of “self care”?

10 Self care actions I’m working on taking:
1. Saving money
2. Sabbath Day rest
3. Reading more books to feed my spirit and vocabulary
4. Turning off my phone at night
5. having more sex with my husband (you’re welcome)
6. making meals at home
7. seeking out time with friends
8. exercise and breathing
9. Meditation
10. Seeing a chiropractor to keep my pelvis aligned for pregnancy and birth

What actions are you committed to creating? Where in your life do you need to add in more self care, and remove self sabotage?

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