Replacing Faith with Worry

This post could also be called replacing action with worry.

It seems like there is an inherited legacy that has been passed down through generations that we should worry about our children, as if somehow our worry is correlated with the amount that we love our children (or anyone).

Worrying is a process that only creates nothing. As one of the influential leaders in my life, Susanne Conrad says, “Worrying is praying for what you don’t want”.

When you worry about your children, what is behind it that is causing you to worry? Is it a belief that either you or they are not enough of something? Is it that if you believe if you worry enough bad things won’t happen?

Your love is not justified through the amount that you worry.

Instead of dwelling on a future that is full of bad things, could you instead place your attention and energy on being in action and loving your child? “And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?”(Matthew 6:27) What actions are required for your child to be set up for success in his life? Or where do you need to have faith that you are doing a good job teaching your child to be self sufficient, kind, and know how to practice self control?

Have you also given yourself a false role as a parent? It is not your responsibility to make sure your child never gets hurt, never experiences loss or losing, or has every single thing they could possibly want in the world. It is your responsibility (and mine) to love, to nurture a spirit, and teach and lead through words and actions. Worry will not prevent anything from happening to your child. Love, faith, and action will ensure that when things do happen, that they will know what to do, and be strong through the trials that befall them.

All of this applies to parents whose children are grown and living in the world independently. 

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