Getting Present through Disconnection (Sabbath #1 Learnings)

Yesterday was our very first day to observe our newly created Sabbath day.

It was simple and luxurious, and nothing ground breaking happened. By that I mean that, the oceans didn’t dry up because I turned my phone off, there were no emergencies that I wasn’t able to respond to, and all of social media kept functioning without me liking anything.

Our day was simple in activity: Church, family brunch at home, puzzles, short naps, books, park, friends house for the super bowl. What I noticed in the intention to get disconnected was that I was able to get more connected to the people I was with. I enjoyed my time with my family even more because there wasn’t a pull to look at my phone or check my email or social media accounts. I was able to enjoy wherever I was, doing whatever I was doing. It was simple. There was also an interesting energetic shift that happened. When I turned my phone off, I automatically felt disconnected from the world. It was brilliant.

Social media is a superficial way to connect with people. I have discovered that it isn’t as vital for me to use my phone the way I’ve been using it: carrying it everywhere, relying and depending on it like it’s a second set of lungs. I would speculate that there are other out there like me.

Taking a day off and away was incredibly restorative. It was like being in an alternative destination that doesn’t have cell service, except that I didn’t have to go anywhere and I can do it whenever I need to, and at least once a week.

How do you feel about the idea of turning your phone off or taking a day to rest and disconnect? Does it interest you? Are you repulsed by it?

3 thoughts on “Getting Present through Disconnection (Sabbath #1 Learnings)

  1. Cheryl says:

    Perfect. So proud of you for taking this step. In so many ways life was more simple before technology seemed to take over. I kind of feel the same way about all the stores that are open on Sunday. While in some ways I appreciate it, I think back on the time when hardly anything was open on Sunday. Since there was no opportunity to shop Sunday was even more a day of rest. Except for cooking! But my mom always put a roast on to cook while we attended worship. And every Sunday night we had roast beef sandwiches! Have you ever read anything from Hands Free Mama? Often enlightening. 🙂


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