Creating a Sabbath Day

At the beginning of last year, I wrote out extensive goals for the next 10 years in the domains of career, personal, and health.
One of the goals I wrote to achieve in about 10 years was to observe a sabbath day once a week with my family. It seemed like something I would have to put off for a long time until I could figure out how to make it happen and work up enough courage to actually go through with it.

When a few things shifted with my schedule at work, and my Sunday would be freed up for the foreseeable future, I meditated on the idea: was I ready to launch into this, and would I be able to sell the idea of minimal electronics, resting, and quality time (read: not watching tv or running errands) to Brandon?

As it turns out, Brandon was completely enrolled, and possibly relieved that I (the person who looks to fill every moment with something) was suggesting this.

So beginning this Sunday, we will be observing our very own version of a sabbath. In my vision of this, we will spend the day together as a family (read: I won’t run off to yoga, Brandon won’t run off to golf, and Lincoln won’t run off to the mall ), and if we do anything with other people or groups of people, it will be done as a unit. I plan on turning off my phone on Saturday evening and turning it back on Monday morning. (If you need me you can send smoke signals or come over). Brandon won’t be required to turn off his phone and I will make the request that it is used minimally.

A church service will also support the original intention for the day, and we will spend the day together resting, recharging, and reconnecting. I’m excited about what this will contribute to us as a family.

This will fulfill my intention to bring simplicity in, and I have to admit, I’m looking forward to turning my phone off for an entire day. ( now seeking actual alarm clocks)

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