The Luxury of Simplicity

Sounds catchy and exciting, doesn’t it?

This is my intention for 2017-to discover what living simply looks like. How do I live simply without becoming a hermit and still stay true to my vision of my life? I’ve spent a good part of my almost 31 years on the planet, making myself busy, working, chasing after dreams, goals, and the next thing. I realized while leading a yoga retreat in France last fall that I wasn’t taking advantage of the simple luxuries currently available to me in my life daily. Especially the assets of time and relationships.

So this year will be about discovering the luxury of simple things like drinking tea and reading a book before bed (currently reading Bleak House by Charles Dickens), sitting and enjoying a conversation with another human being without looking at the time to rush to the next activity, sitting in my living room with my husband and son (and bun in the oven) listening to records, cooking dinner for my family with whatever ingredients we already have in the fridge or pantry, or spending our day off together with no agenda, no phones, and no tv. It will be about bringing about balance and teaching our son (and future child) how to live without doing constantly. And how to be ok without being always entertained by something or someone else (one of the great things I learned from my parents).

This is an experiment, just like most things are in life. As the variables change, the results will also change. That is what you will read about here.

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